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Duke Cannon understands it can be difficult to choose among Victory, Productivity, Accomplishment, and Naval Supremacy. Hell, they all sound good, and they certainly are. Therefore, hedge your bet by purchasing this 4 ct. "El Cuatro" variety pack, which includes each of our outstanding Big Ass Bricks of Soap. You will never get a better smelling package in the mail.
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Beer and Bourbon Box - 4 Bars of Big Ass Soap

Comes complete with three Big Beer Soaps, a deliciously scented sandalwood soap made with Old Milwaukee Beer, a fresh citrus woodsy offering made with Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA, and a warm, cedarwood scent made with Budweiser; and one Big American Bourbon Soap, a rich, oak barrel scented bar made with Buffalo Trace Bourbon.
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Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm

Dry, cracked hands are like living testaments to a man's hard work and ingenuity. And while hard-working hands are to be celebrated, let's be honest; dry, cracked hands feel awful. That's why Duke Cannon introduced Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm. Made with lanolin, it provides much-needed moisture without leaving the hands feeling sticky or greasy (like that stuff in the green jar). Unscented so your hands don't smell like flowers.
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Frontier 30 - 3 Bars Of Big Ass Soap

The Great American Frontier Line offers three new Big Ass Bricks of Soaps with unique, masculine scents inspired by the best that nature has to offer. Campfire, Fresh Cut Pine, and Leaf & Leather. Try all three at a discounted price with the Frontier 30.
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THICK Body Wash

This isn't the weak, watered-down, flower-scented body wash your teenage neighbor uses. This is premium, high-viscosity, exfoliating shower soap designed for hard-working men.
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