How can you benefit from Google Extensions?

If you are a Google Chrome user, it is very likely that you have heard about Google Chrome extensions. The latter can be defined as minor additional applications and features that help you enrich your browser user experience. With Google extensions, you can customize the way Google Chrome works, helping you organize your work on the browser and become more productive.

How do you access existing Google Chrome extensions?

Accessing your Google Chrome extensions is very easy, all you have to do is:

  • Click on the three dots in the upper-right corner of the browser window
  • Select “More tools”
  • Select “Extensions”

On this page, you can track and see every active extension you are running on your browser on Google Chrome. From here, you can remove any extensions you have installed but don’t want to run anymore – there’s no reason to use any extensions you’re not familiar with.

How to download and install the new Google Chrome extensions:

Head to the Google Chrome Web Store page, by searching for that term on Google. There you can browse thousands of extensions available. Some are produced by major vendors, others are developed by individual users.

As we said earlier, these extensions are intended to improve the user experience on the browser. Like the Grammarly plugin that corrects spelling and grammar errors in English, it also suggests new ideas for your work or research.

You also get extensions that will integrate the other apps you already use on your smartphone with the Google Chrome desktop browser — LastPass, GetJaybe, Google Calendar, Grammarly, the list just goes on.

What else should you know about Google Chrome extensions?

You can’t always trust what you see on the Google Chrome Extension Store. Previously, there were many incidents of malicious code infiltrating users’ systems via fake Google Chrome extensions. Some extensions have more than 50,000 downloads before they are recognized as malicious and dangerous.

So before downloading any extension that you think you need to download, be sure to check out the reviews, ratings and information on a particular Google Chrome extension before downloading and installing it on your browser. In addition, check the permissions required by the extension, so as not to give it unnecessary access to data or extensive capabilities that it does not need to perform its role.

Once you visit the wrong website, a dangerous Google Chrome extension might download itself to your browser automatically. Here is the role of periodically checking the extension’s page and downloading something that you do not know at all.

GetJaybe Extension:

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