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30% off: Lightweight Cooling Comforter

Supremely soft and sleek especially for those with sensitive skin; The ULTIMATE Coolness; Dry in a matter of minutes
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Battery powered heated blanket

Highest Quality Cordless Heated Blanket Zonli offers a top-notch cordless heated blanket that utilizes innovative technology, specially designed to provide you with ultimate comfort and warmth as you snuggle under it. The wearable cordless heated blankets have built-in heating panels. They use special heat-reflective technology that delivers hours of heat and comfort. Versatile Use The cordless heated blanket is ideal for home as well as office use. Have to work on a frosty day? You can button up the heated snuggie when you are sitting at your desk working or reading. There’s no need to hold it with your hands like regular heated blankets. You don’t have to worry about heated scarves falling off. You can stay warm and focus on your work hands-free. It allows you to enjoy outdoor winter activities longer than ever before. Whether you are lounging on the couch, riding in a car, or cheering on your favorite sports team, the Zonli cordless heated blanket will keep you warm and cozy. Made Of The Finest Materials Zonli’s cordless heated blanket is made of the best materials that are incredibly strong and makes the shawl machine-washable. The fabric looks stylish and is super-soft which will feel smooth next to your skin. The internal heating element is made of high-grade fiber, which can be heated quickly and is safe. This shawl can help you withstand the cold weather and get a comfortable feeling in a short time. The heating elements are properly spaced that delivers heat evenly throughout the shawl. One Size Fits All The style of this Heated Shawl will perfectly fit around your neck and shoulder, keeping your body warm. It also makes a great gift for your loved one on any occasion, be it a birthday or Christmas. Zonli cordless heated blanket can be a blessing when the weather is chilly; you’ve to try it to believe it.
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